The history of the series

A beautiful love story told by the creators of the television series, there was actually. In the 16th century, the Ottoman Empire bought women, whom the Tartars were taken from their villages and sold into Turkish harems. Young beauties have become the playthings of the powerful, and men were sent to lifelong slavery. In one of the Tatar raids and was abducted Ukrainian girl Roxolana, which was presented to Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

Specially designed for realistic shooting creators have built a pavilion with an area of 5 thousand square meters, which was recreated in the Palace of the Turkish padishahs.

During the shooting process of the series, while the actors were filmed in a luxurious pavilion, a Palace of the rulers of Turkey began to visit a huge number of tourists and fans of "the Magnificent century". Significantly increased sales of decorations and costumes in Oriental style – women around the world decided in that whatever was to be like Roksolana. The result of the efforts of the actors were not in vain, and the series hit at numerous international film festivals and competitions.

The plot of the series

Once in the harem, and he found himself among the many concubines, unhappy Roxolana does not acquiesce to such an unenviable fate and begins to show obstinacy. This leads to the fact that the girl notices the Sultan Suleiman, who notes the subtle mind beauty, contrasting sharply with the submissive harem slaves. Soon enchanted Suleiman Roksolana decides to make his official wife, thus giving her unlimited power over his Kingdom, and his heart.

Redheaded Meriem Userli brilliantly played the role of roksolany, giving your character a cunning, passion, wit and rebelliousness.

With the success of quiesence can not accept the first wife of Suleiman and his mother, who is very concerned about the power that cedar has on her son. Concubine accepts Islam and starts to be named Hürrem. She has to beware of the jealous harem women, to overcome the machinations of the first wife and mother of her lover Suleiman, so she set a goal – to one day put all his enemies to their knees, forcing them to recognize her as his mistress. Soon Hürrem there is a first child, and the Sultan falls in love with the woman even more, however in life the couple will face severe trials and tragedies. Will they be able to overcome all hardships and to preserve their bright and beautiful love?