Haircut can exist separately from the whole of your image. So pick it based on the type of person, on the characteristics of the shape and General style of dress you prefer.
The perfect face shape is the oval. Therefore, in the case of round, square or triangular face haircut is designed to adjust its shape.
Keep in mind that short haircuts "under the boy" you're petite and fragile girl. But high women, they do not look very good: the head appears disproportionately small. Also not recommended such haircuts for women and girls with "masculine" type of figure.
Please note that the fair sex are suitable sleek hairstyles length just below the jawline, as well as "soft waves" to the shoulder. The same owners of magnificent forms should not wear long straight haircuts: they focus on the body. But long wavy hairs balance and proportion will help to create a harmonious image.
Hard hairs by nature is dense and thick. If the haircut is chosen correctly, they perfectly underline the striking appearance of its owner, adding to her charm and charisma. But such hairs hard to fit, under its own weight "SAG" and not retain the shape of hair. So pick a haircut that does not require careful and lengthy installation. It is better to abandon short cuts "kind", "Bob", since in this case the hair, you will not obediently to maintain the desired shape. If you have the type of face and figure, stop your choice on the haircut medium length no bangs.
Hard hairAh looks good cascade haircut with long bangs. If you want a haircut you can even put in different ways. For example, bangs can be either cheat, or leave straight and sweep to the side. Styling the remaining hair to do with hair curlers medium size. Start to wind the hairs individual small strands from the middle of the forehead towards the nape, moving to the side of the head. When your curls are ready, coat them with foam, or styling wax, shake hands, giving the desired shape to the hairstyle. Satelite bangs to the side.
Note layered haircuts that are very popular lately. They are well suited for tough hair. The wizard generates the layers freely, almost casually, giving the desired volume and gently correcting the oval of the face. Bangs this hairstyle is usually straight and long enough. Haircut requires special styling and looks spectacular.