You will need
  • For imaging you will need a foam for styling, comb with wide teeth and a flat iron for smoothing hair.
To start, wash your hair, be sure to use a conditioner. It will give your hair extra smoothness, softness and Shine, allow you to style the hair exactly as you want.
Pressed on damp hair , apply mousse from the middle to the ends. Use a small amount of styling products, about the size of an egg, to avoid the effect of dirty hair. Try to distribute the mousse evenly.
Dry hair with a Hairdryer on medium heat. To create volume at the roots you can briefly tilt your head down and dry your hair . Constantly use a comb while drying, so that all strands are equally well dry.
Before using a flat iron for smoothing hair, apply a small amount of heat serum all over the hair or use a special spray. They will protect your hair from overheating and the emergence of split ends.
Heat the pad and start to smooth the hair. Try to keep the strands looked exactly the same, pay close attention to the tips of the hair because they will lie, depends on the appeal of the hairstyle. Do not get carried away by the strong smoothing, because it is important for us to keep a light volume and lightness to hair.
After completing the smoothing, shake the hair, so they went in a natural way. If you wear bangs, give her a gentle roundness using the Hairdryer and brush. Voila, you are gorgeous!