Use popular among users of the program TrueCrypt, which can be freely available to find on the Internet. The application performs encryption of removable USB media in sections or whole. The program has a high level of data protection, but to its disadvantage is not the best interface.
Install simplified analog TrueCrypt, which is called FreeOTFE. The program allows you to create encrypted virtual disks and has a minimalistic interface. FreeOTFE also has open source and distributed free on the Internet.
Rate MyFolder convenient program that sets a password, not only on a removable USB drive, but the folders that are on your hard drive. Thanks to a special icon in the notification area, users get easy access to all protected folders, and the encryption algorithm Blowfish provides fast execution of operations. The disadvantages of the application include a lack of support for 64-bit versions of the operating systems of the Windows family.
Download the app AxCrypt that encrypts individual files on a removable disk. Protection file is provided using the Encrypt function in the context menu of the file, and decryption is performed automatically by double-clicking and entering the required password. When you close the file is re-encrypted with a 128-bit algorithm.
Zashifrovat files on the flash drive with the desired files with the help of reliable 256-bit AES encryption, which has a free archiver 7-zip. Just move to archive the necessary information and set a password. You can also use a built-in utility protection removable drive password BitLocker, which is built into Windows 7 Ultimate.