To install on a USB flash drive password protection, you will need additional software that allows you to encrypt and protect data on removable media. An example of such program USB Safeguard.
Using this free and simple utility suitable for all drives up to 16 GB, you can protect the flash drive by a password without which no one will be able to see the information stored on the flash drive.
The program USB Safeguard after downloading copy directly to the root directory of the flash drive, then the computer program can be removed.
Run the program on a flash drive. It will prompt you for the password – think about it so that the password was really complicated and hard to guess. Write it down in a safe place which has no access from anyone except you and enter the password coined in the window. Confirm the password and click OK.
From this moment the data on your USB flash drive encrypted sufficiently to ensure that nobody could hack into them. The only way to access stored on the drive information will be the password, so try not to forget and not to lose it – otherwise, the flash drive will be available not only for robbers, but for you.
You can also use more complex methods of protection and to encode the password, not the whole stick a whole, but only some of its directories and folders. This requires more feature-rich programs.