You will need
  • Personal computer, USB flash drive
When you create a password by the Bitlocker feature available in Windows Vista or Windows 7, one of the instructions will recommend you to save the recovery key in two options: print the key or save it to a file.
To unlock the drive, you must use a previously saved recovery key. To do this, take a printout with the key or disk with the saved file. That is, you have to find the key, which was used earlier for the operation.
Right-click on the icon of the flash drive in "My computer". In the dialog that appears select the option: "Unlock the drive". In the new window and manually enter the recovery key. You can copy it, if the key is stored on other electronic media.
Once the key is inserted or copied, click "Finish". But unlock process not complete as the drive is unlocked temporarily during its withdrawal from the PC block again. Therefore, follow the prompts and change password.
In the dialog box, select "Manage Bitlocker". A list of actions you can perform. Change forgotten password to new one, to permanently unlock the electronic media. Do not forget for emergency use to save the recovery key. You can also remove the password, but it is only in case of using password and smart card. As you can see, nothing complicated in this process. Importantly, during encryption of a flash drive to save the recovery key on the computer, or other portable device.