Advice 1: Why sea shell and hear the sound of the sea

It is believed that in the shell you can hear the sound of the surf, if you bring it to his ear. And the florid form of the shell, the louder and stronger the rage of the waves. However, this is another misconception. In the shell heard not the sound of the sea.
Why sea shell and hear the sound of the sea

There are several hypotheses for the occurrence of "sea noise" in the shells. One of them says that a man hears the sounds of the circulation of blood through the vessels of the head. However, this theory is wrong, and it is easy to prove. It is known that after intensive exercise, the blood begins to move with greater speed, so the sound should change. However, if you hold a shell to your ear, you will hear the same "sound of the sea".

The following theory can be formulated as follows: the shells make noise because air flows through them. This explains why sounds seem louder if you hold a seashell close to your ear, and quieter if you keep it at a distance. However, this hypothesis was refuted by scientists. To soundproof the room, despite the fact that it has the air shell "sea sounds" is not published.

In fact, "sea noise" in the shell – not that other, as slightly modified ambient sounds reflected from the walls of the shell. You can take any empty container and attach it to your ear and it will become "noise" is not worse than sea shells. Because all closed air cavity acts as a resonator, where focus of different acoustic waves. That is why the shape and size of the shell directly affects published "sea song". What they izognutye and more, the richer it turns out "the sound of the surf".

So, in order to hear "the sea" and to refresh your memories of a wonderful summer vacation, it is not necessary to have on hand a shell. This can be done with the help of available items of the same glass. A similar effect will be observed if folded hands "cupped" and to bring close to your ear. And the more around the different sounds, the more you will hear the lapping of the waves. But with the shell, of course, to reminisce more interesting, especially if she brought from the beach where you are vacationing.

Advice 2 : Why shells make noise

Many people believe that the noise in the shell is the roar of the surf and the rustle of the waves. However, it is unclear how using the sink you can hear the noise of the water. There's a logical and scientific explanation.
Why shells make noise
In fact, shell is the resonator, like any other closed air cavity. Therefore, "sea noise" can be heard not only in the sink, but in a simple mug, Cup, glass and even folded in a shell of the palm. In any such cavity focus external sounds. The world is not in absolute silence, there are always noises of different volume. These sounds are reflected by the walls of the shell.The volume and variety of "sea songs" depends on several factors. If you zoom out or Vice versa to bring the shell to your ear, the noise will change. This depends on the size and shapes of shells. This kind of resonator enhances all inaccessible to the human ear sounds. If the shell is tightly pressed to the head, one hears not external noise, while circulating in the head with blood.To the ear when nothing is attached, one hears a variety of external sounds. If your ear something prevents to capture the noise, the eardrum begins to perceive the internal sounds, ie circulating blood, which acts on the membrane from the inside of the ear. If the human brain was wired differently, we could hear much more sounds, and the shell would not be our helper in this. Best of all, hear the splashing of the waves" in a large spiral shells.If you hold a seashell to your ear is not close, and somewhat remote from it, the sound will be louder. Noise will also be more intense, if the outside of many different sounds. In any case, the splash that is heard in the sink is irrelevant to the sea. Theories related to the nature of these noises a lot, but the most reliable is the theory about the reflection of the walls of the shell external sounds.This theory is easy to check. If you hold a shell to your ear in a soundproof room, in the sink there will be no noise. Despite the fact that the head continues to circulate the blood, and the room has air flow.

Advice 3 : Why in the sea shell you can hear the waves

Hundreds of tourists leaving the coast, bring with them the gifts of the sea of strange mollusk shells. It is believed that if you put a seashell to your ear, you can hear the sound of the waves, which will remind you of happy days.
Why in the sea shell you can hear the waves

Scientists decided to disappoint romantics, debunk the myth of the sea, splashing inside the shell. In their opinion, the roar of the waves is nothing like the modified sounds of the environment. Sinks in various sizes and shapes catch different sounds, so the roar of the sea is always different. Ambient noise resonates in the shell, changed "wandering" for curls, and man begins to feel that he hears the sounds of the surf. Moreover, the more bizarre will be the form of the shell, the richer the sound of the sea. Any closed cavity in which there is air, reminiscent of the action of the resonator chamber and concentrates the acoustic wave. Similarly to "sea" you can hear put your ear to an empty glass.

There are two hypotheses previously developed by the scientists, who were called to explain a strange noise in the shell. The first States that a person hears sounds with which the blood circulates through its vessels. However, this hypothesis is easily amenable to refutation. It is known that after strenuous exercise the blood starts to circulate faster. However, if you compare the sound in the shell before and after exercising, you don't notice the difference.

According to another theory, which was developed by scientists, the sound of the sea is the movement of air currents in the swirls of the shell. This hypothesis has also been refuted. The experiment was conducted in a room with excellent sound insulation – the sound of the waves in the shell were absent.

To hear the sound of waves, not necessarily to go to sea and bring back a beautiful shell. The desired sound will be perfectly audible in the most trivial things - the empty glass, putting it to your ear, the ashtray, the lid of the sugar bowl, and even the hands, folded boat. However, you should not refuse romance, because only the shell will stir your memories of the sea.

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