The undoubted appeal of the lofts give the high ceilings, brick walls, beams, huge Windows – all the attributes of the former industrial premises. Most often the lofts are made as large Studio apartment, which (with the exception of the bathroom) one big space without partitions.
Target audience lofts – single, successful bachelors who lead an active social life. In recent years, the Golden youth, is also interested in such housing.

Disadvantages lofts

A disadvantage of the loft can be called the inability to register, which is a significant disadvantage for Russia. The fact that it was originally non-residential premises, but even after the conversion "official" status of such housing is not changed. Do not believe the developers, who tell stories about the translation of such apartments in the category of residential premises in Russia has not yet happened. However, despite the fact that lofts are usually less than elite apartments, their buyers problems with registration no, since a loft usually is not their only property.

Another significant disadvantage can become a bustling office behind the wall. Since the lofts are not classified as dwellings, and there is no regulations that prohibit their conversion into a working space.
At the moment, quite a large number of developers are buying up and redeveloping former industrial premises, as the demand for loft apartments currently exceeds supply.

And finally, too high operating costs can also be considered a disadvantage. Lofts are considered real estate, so they often supply a variety of frills – pool, Concierge, security... For such "bonuses" residents of course pay out of pocket. Such expenses are allocated among all tenants, and the lofts are not too much. So that the amounts can be impressive.

Pros lofts

If we talk about the pros and the lofts, it is necessary to mention that this is a multi-functional housing. It is possible to arrange a showroom or a small home office. The usual apartment it is forbidden to use as a working space, the loft is such restrictions do not apply.

If you've always wanted to try yourself as a designer or artist, the loft provides plenty of opportunities for the manifestation of talents. It can be arranged, re-plan, decorate without obtaining any permission, which significantly speeds up the process.