What to give, if the relationship is only tied

On the birthday of your woman is best to give something exclusive and beautiful. Forget in those moments about the utility and practicality. Of course, when selecting gift you should remember the relevance. If your relationship is just beginning to develop, give the girl a perfume. However, this only works if you know what perfume she likes. Otherwise, better to stay on any gift that your lover will be able to change it by myself. A good option is a gift certificate. This can be a day at the Spa or for a professional photo shoot with a makeup artist. Such a gift will suit the taste of any girl. If you don't know your friend but want to make it pleasant, choose the option with the certificate.
If your lover married, consider how she will explain your gifts to your spouse.

A great gift for mistress

If you are already close enough, give his mistress a set of beautiful clothes. Underwear should be expensive, erotic, and beautiful. Not to be trapped, look for the required dimensions on that lingerie that she wears. Consultants in good lingerie stores will help you to choose the most suitable option. Properly presented elegant lingerie can bring your lover for a lot of interesting ideas.

Another very romantic gift to birthday – a kind of movie version. Book a room at a nice hotel, in advance, decorate the bed with flower petals, arrange a candlelight dinner. Well, if you allow time and effort, take a little trip on the weekend closest to her birthday. A little romantic trip to remember. Of course, you can combine travel and expensive hotel.
If you invite the mistress to the restaurant for her birthday, do not give her flowers at the meeting, since the bouquet will only interfere. It is better to purchase a bouquet of flowers, seeing her home.

But if you prefer the classic scenario, give the lover an expensive gift. It can be a necklace, earrings, bracelets, but do not give her the ring. She may not understand, but the showdown will spoil any holiday.

In General, remember that a good gift could be even a mere trifle if to present it with imagination. Good box of chocolates and a bouquet can leave emotions more than bracelet with diamonds, it's all about what emotions you give them.