Advice 1: What fruit (berry) has a laxative effect

The problem of delay defecation, and, simply, of constipation, of concern to many. If it is a regular occurrence, it causes a lot of inconvenience and literally prevents to live a full life. If it's familiar and you don't need to rush to the pharmacy for drugs, it can be solved with the help of eating the right foods.
What fruit (berry) has a laxative effect

Harmful than constipation

This is quite a common phenomenon associated primarily with violations of the diet, incorrectly chosen diet, lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle. Some strict mono-diet can also cause constipation, especially if you sit on them regularly. Considered normal daily bowel movements at the same time, usually in the morning. When this happens, people during the day, and then some, feels heaviness in the stomach and the abdomen, there may be pain and headaches, lose your appetite. In addition, the irregularity can disrupt your plans, forcing you to abandon them in search of a toilet.

A common mistake is self-treatment, uncontrolled intake of laxatives and cleansing enemas that people prescribe themselves. It can cause bowels refuse to perform their functions, and a normal chair at all will be impossible. But, fortunately, to establish an arbitrary regular bowel movement it is possible with eating the right foods that stimulate peristalsis. And among them are many there who love all this, like some fruits and berries.
Eat fruits and berries, having a laxative effect, at the end of the day, after dinner or instead of it.

Fruit and berry having a laxative effect

It is, first and foremost, those that are rich in fiber. It stimulates an increase in intestinal kilocalorie amounts of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria involved in the digestion of food, forming short chain fatty acids (CCGC), necessary for normal work of the intestine and to maintain his physical activity.
A decoction of prunes is a safe laxative that is safe to give even to children as young as one year. Steamed prunes with beetroot is recommended for adults.

Such fruits and berries include grapes, plums, bananas, figs, apricots. Their action individually, and some in greater degree, helps figs, some plum. There can be as raw and dried. It is possible to do infusions, teas and fruit drinks, which also possess laxative effects. Dry fruits and berries can be added to main dishes and pastries, good effect, and freshly prepared juice of these fruits and berries.

Advice 2: What fruits are laxatives

If constipation is a good alternative laxative preparations – fruit, which has strong laxative properties. In their ranking place of honor is prunes, apricot, pumpkin, Apple. They have a lot of pectin, plant fibers, acid juices, which, irritating the mucous membranes of the intestine, increase his motor skills. But the effects of these fruits individually, so you should experiment which one is more help for you.
Prunes, dried apricots, dried figs most effective for constipation
The prunes. He deservedly leads the list of the fruit laxative because it contains a lot of fiber, sugars. Usually 5-8 prunes per night is enough to the morning was a chair. A decoction of prunes more effective than prune juice, it is safe even for infants children. Also Kabat plums, especially slightly unripe.
Dried apricots. Dried apricots are stronger than fresh. Dried apricots can be given to babies from the first year of life. Very helpful and she is pregnant. First it is better to steam and eat before bed. Daily serving of dried apricots 100-150 grams is usually sufficient to normalize the chair. It is most effective in mixture with prunes.
Pumpkin. In chronic stage constipation it will not help, since it has a mild laxative effect. Slight laxative effect and has pumpkin millet porridge.
Apples. In them, as in prunes, pears, lots of plant fibers, sugars. But if the prunes or apricots usually give a laxative effect when one-time, apples – with prolonged use. And they should have the rind in which more fiber. Apple juice is a little too weak.
Pear. Like apples, you should eat them with the peel, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. And then drink 1-1,5 cups of water to come the maximum result. For getting rid of constipation good, and pear juice.
Cherry, cherry. They have a laxative effect too, mainly due to the high content of sorbitol. These fruits do not lose their properties, if they're frozen. Cherries are especially effective when eaten on an empty stomach.
Bananas. Sugars are not too much, but stocks of fiber is enormous. Thanks to them, in fact, there comes a mild laxative effect. However, only in the case if bananas are soft, slightly overripe.
Oranges, tangerines. Of the citrus they are most effective for constipation, however, have a very weak laxative effect.
Among laxatives fruit includes kiwi, grapes, blueberries, avocado. They also have a softer action. To get a more pronounced effect, they have to eat quite a lot at one time.
Don't eat laxatives fruit in too large quantities – constipation can pass into its opposite: diarrhea!
Useful advice
Laxative eating fruits, do not forget every day to drink at least 1-1,5 l of plain water.

Fruit salads – and a great, healthy food, and medicine, are rich in fiber. Take about 300 g of prunes, dried apricots, figs, mince and add 50 g of honey. Eat this tasty mixture a tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach and half an hour before dinner. And at night drink a glass of yogurt.
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