Gift for child 5 years should be useful and interesting. 5 years is a special age. At this time, children begin to develop responsibility and independence, and their toys become more complex. They are ready for new knowledge, which emphasize the means of communication and the world around them.

Useful tips

Before you finally decide with the selected gift, ask the parents if there of this subject in the child. It is unlikely the boy will want to birth on the day of the second roller skates, or a soccer ball.

In advance talk with your child about possible preferences. Perhaps the boy wants to receive a gift of a certain thing, but is too shy to talk about it himself. Thus, you will quickly figure out the gift.

Discuss with guests the options of gifts. Together you will be able to solve the issue.

Possible gift options

1. Developing a set of Lego. The possible child a variety of preferences in terms of the theme of the set. For example, the medieval castle with the knights, a police station, military camp, adventure Indiana Jones, Star wars, etc. In any case, with this gift you will not regret it. At this age most boys are fond of such toys.
In addition, such a construction is perfectly develops fine motor skills that will only benefit the child is 5 years old.

2. New sports equipment. At this age, many children visit a particular sports club. Therefore, a gift can be purchased depending on the interests of the boy. Note: if you have decided to donate any equipment, you should definitely check with the parents the exact size of shoes or clothing.

3. Games for gaming consoles. If a child in this age loves computer games and gaming console he has, consider the option of buying new tapes or discs with the game. This is to know the preferences of the boy.

4. Bakugan (Bakugans). At this age, very popular of such toys. The need to combine dexterity and strategic skills makes the game interesting and exciting.
In addition, the existing collection can always be supplemented and expanded with new models.

5. IPOD or music player. Many boys from an early age interested in music. This gadget for them will be a real gift.

6. Sets for creativity and "scientific research". This category of gifts is very extensive. Here you can come up with anything. Well, the producers of children's toys quite well filled this niche. Boys at this age love to discover something new, learn and explore. For example, it could be a small pocket microscope. It is always possible to take a walk.