It is especially dangerous in the summer, excessive sun exposure, may be new wrinkles, sometimes the skin dries up and becomes irritable. In addition, the heat begin active work of sebaceous glands, especially in the mixed type of skin.
Summer problem areas the pores are closed, the skin is polluted, and as a result develop pustular infection appear acne and pimples.

Combined skin — care

Combined or combination skin often dry on the cheeks, temples, around the eyes, but at the same time, oily on the forehead, chin and bridge of nose. Therefore, waiting for two dangers: the rapid appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and acne.

To care for combination skin you need to apply special creams that moisturize dry areas dry and oily, but no need to mix them. Apply two different creams depending on the area of the skin.
You can choose cream for combination skin, but it is in those cases, if you have not observed obvious problems.

For removing makeup use soft foam and avoid hot water. After all the procedures, wipe your face with a cleanser, eliminating dry patches, or choose neutral lotion for combination skin.

Care for each day

In the morning wash with soft foam, which is better to wash special sponge, so you will also do light exfoliation and massage of the skin. Then wipe the face tonic and apply the cream. When you have acne and pimples and treat them with special tools and apply sunscreen moisturizing cream. In summer it is better not to use powder and Foundation creams as the pores heavily clogged and the skin does not breathe.

In the evening rinse the cosmetics off my face, rinse it with warm water, make a gentle exfoliation, finish with tonic. Then apply eye cream and two different cream: moisturizer for dry sites and nutrient for fat. If sebaceous secretion is too active, the fatty area that does not lubricate. Pick the tool depending on the characteristics of your skin, because the symptoms of mixed type are different.

Once a week is necessary to clean the skin scrub, but just don't RUB dry areas. Two times a week to do special masks: it is very simple and does not require additional expenses, because in summer so many fresh vegetables and fruits, of which it is easy to cook skin care products for the face.