What is the difference between combination skin of normal, dry or oily?

The difference is that it contains features of all three types can be oily on your forehead, chin or nose (called the T-zone) and normal or dry cheeks. Therefore, the name of her combo and such skin needs comprehensive care. Funds must include in its composition components that need to fit combination skin, or you need to use cosmetic products of different kinds.

Careful attention should be paid to cleansing of the skin. Wash should means with a liquid texturethat is suitable for normal or combination skin. Alcohol in their composition should not be, as it is very aggressive like mixed, and for other skin types. You can make homemade herbal teas and wash them. They are great to nourish and moisturize the skin mixed.

Also, it requires high acid protection barrier, which will protect the skin from the growth of microbes on it. An excellent tool will be the products based on milk. You can make a mask of yogurt in the morning or in the evening after the usual cleansing or wipe skin with a cotton pad soaked in milk. Wash preferably with boiled, Creamed or mineral water. After such a mask will not feeling of tightness, and the skin will feel smooth and soft.

Forehead, nose and chin, you can wipe an ice cube from the decoction of calendula or Linden. They'll do just fine with the fat. If during the night the skin is particularly greasy, for the morning washing is better to use special cosmetic brushon which to apply the cleanser. Face gently massage, then wash away the medium, thoroughly washed and dried brush.

For cleansing combination skin need to use a scrub. In its composition should not be rough abrasives and alcohol. You can prepare a scrub at home of fine coffee beans or black bread with milk. The masks will be very useful for combination skin. Recipes masks very much and choose the right simply.

Proper care of skin will make it soft and tender, and the redness and pimples will be less.