Select tools for cleansing the skin. In the summer it is better to use non-greasy formulas - for example, a light and refreshing milk foam with vegetable extracts. To remove makeup can and wipes impregnated with lotion. This option is especially convenient in the road. Wash your face morning and evening, and then wipe the skin with a refreshing tonic or infusion of herbs - chamomile, sage or mint.
Moisturize skin morning and evening. Instead of heavy nourishing creams use almond emulsions, gels or serums. Lean tools do not create the face film, allowing the skin to breathe freely. To face is not swollen, apply moisturizers for half an hour before bedtime. Eyeshadow choose tools with a lifting effect.
Protect your face from the sun. Choose creams with a high protection index against UV rays. Ideally, day cream, Foundation and powder should have UV filters. Going to the beach, apply on face and neck more powerful tools with index not lower than 30 SPF. Update the cream or gel every few hours.
Choose quality decorative cosmetics. For summer you need a multifunctional tool that will help to avoid the effect of multi-layered pie in the face. Tinted emulsion with SPF give the skin a beautiful shade, will protect it from the sun, moisturize and hide minor flaws. Powder color suntan will help you to frost the skin will replace the bronzer and blush and even a little sculpturesque face. Discard the thick lipstick and sequins and dark eyeliners, preferring fruit balms for lips, colored mascara and eye shadow water-based.
Tools for makeup and grooming store in the refrigerator. They rot from the heat and sun, and apply cold creams, gels and lipsticks will be much nicer. In stores you can find special sticks, cooling and refreshing the skin. Choose tools with a pleasant smell , is made from natural ingredients - peppermint, ginger, bamboo extract.
Do not overdo the makeup. Apply the makeup in a thin layer and be sure to remove it before going to bed. However, excessive cleaning may damage the skin. Refrain from acid peels, steam baths and other aggressive procedures. To remove dead skin cells and refresh the face by using simple home remedies - for example, washing cereal or fruit masks.