It is important to choose a fish without bones is critical. You can take perch fillet, pangasius, trout or salmon. The thing is, what to choose bones from fish already baked, it will be doubly uncomfortable. It can bring unnecessary anxiety to the table, and it should not be there. Therefore think carefully about how best to cook fish in batter for their family and guests.

To make fish tempura for two, you will need: perch Fillet – 400 gr.; 1 egg; 50 g. heavy cream, sour cream or mayonnaise; 1 large onion; spices, herbs; flour; olive oil for frying.

Even to those who never did, will just cook the fish in batter according to the following recipe.

1. Take fillet, defrost and rinse it. Then blot excess water with a paper towel and cut into pieces a La carte. Fish salt and put in the fridge. Better if the pieces will be medium size – not too large, but not quite cropped.

2. To prepare the batter, start by whisking eggs. Then add the cream, sour cream or mayonnaise. Thoroughly whip the ingredients into a homogeneous mass and only after that add a tablespoon of flour. The batter should prisolit, add pepper, nutmeg or other spices that You like to fish.

3. In the pan pour olive oil and let it heat up;

4. Pieces of fish dip in batter and put in hot oil. If You put them in the hot oil, the batter will take on a Golden crust, and the juice of the fish will remain inside it.

5. Fry the slices for 3-4 minutes on both sides. It is important to lay out after frying the fish on napkins or paper towels, they will take away excess oil.

6. Onion you need to peel and slice them into rings. Each ring, divided into components of a circle, dip it in the remains of the batter and fry in olive oil.

7. Serve the fish and onions together on one plate. As a side dish with the best potatoes and fresh vegetables. In terms of alcohol, it is necessary to choose a white wine. Bon appetit.