I asked the question, what is art, it is possible to find in various dictionaries, which is an element of spiritual culture, subjective artistic reflection of reality and attitude, a special form of social consciousness, sensory cognition of the world, litmus paper reigning in the people mentality.

Often the arts are correlated with creativity, but creativity is still less significant category than art. For example, many artists paint pictures, doing creative work, but the conventional art, cultural heritage, becomes far not each author. Nevertheless, creativity along with art meets the most important spiritual need of man to Express themselves.

Art is a game of images arising in the imagination, which managed to realize in real life. On the other hand, the ability to generate new ideas – is also a kind of art which, incidentally, is not given to everyone. Now, creative idea is worth money and can bring the popularity. And if the idea is really good, there will always be people, failing to implement it effectively.

Initially there were several types of art: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, singing, dance, music, theatre, but now they are much more. Photography, cinematography, fashion design, advertising industry, show business, parkour – all this and more can with certainty be called contemporary art.

Art is able to carry not only the information component, but also sensual, awakening in us a whole range of emotions and feelings. In addition, the art reflects the prevailing social mood, tastes, habits. That is why it is always interesting to observe how the changing trends in creativity over time.

In short, art is truly multifaceted category, the unknown as the soul itself. For these artists art is much more significant globally than just a job. For them this is the real meaning of life.