Just note that Windows will not rename the primary or boot drive (usually this is the same disk), try renaming will fail. You can try to implement this procedure by editing the registry, but without proper skills it is better not to do it – there is a risk that the system refuses to boot. All other disks and logical volumes available for the renaming, the whole procedure takes no more than a minute.
To rename a disk in Windows XP, open "control Panel", then administrative tools. In this open "computer Management". Option: just right click the icon "My computer" on the desktop and select "Manage". In the left column of the window that opens locate the "mass Storage device" and select "disk Management".
In front of you at the top of the window displays a list of discs in the bottom they will be given more detailed information. Click the desired drive, right-click, and select "Change drive letter or drive path".
In the opened window click "Edit". A window will appear, select the letter you need. Click "OK", you will be warned that renaming the drive letters may make it impossible to start certain programs, if they or their components installed on this disk. If you agree, confirm. You'll likely need to restart the computer. After restarting the computer, renamed the disk will be assigned to your chosen letter.
The procedure for changing a drive letter in Windows 7 is very similar, it is necessary to open the 'Manage' section and do the same procedure. In that case, if you want to swap letters two disks for example, D and E, first select one of them (let it be D drive) any free letter, say F. After renaming the vacated letter D, set the E drive, then rename F to E.