Traditionally, tour operators offer to visit in January warm and Sunny Egypt, where in January minimum daily temperature - 18 degrees Celsius, the average temperature is about 24 degrees. Not very hot, but best of all, the sea temperature has the same 22-25 degrees, which means in the sea you can swim. Prices for tickets in comparison with summer is much attractive.

Relax in the January can and the United Arab Emirates - air temperature, and therefore the prices for tours are a little higher. But you can not just lie on the beach, but also visit the boutiques, walk around the streets under the scorching sun. Night here for 15 degrees, so that with them need to take a jacket or sweater.
New year and Christmas almost every hotel organize gala dinners and interesting show program so tours on these days is a bit more expensive than 150-20 January.


To their resorts beckon with expensive hot and beautiful Islands of the Maldives, the Seychelles and Cuba. No problems with visa, however, to fly far away. The cost of a trip for two 80 thousand rubles, but the pristine beaches, clear water and sun rays are waiting for you.
The holiday season during the January holidays continues in Thailand: warm, nice and cozy here is the Russian winter. The average temperature of 30 degrees and water 25 degrees. The price is about 60 thousand rubles.

In the Canary Islands in January is not hot, just 20-22 degrees Celsius, but at night it doesn't drop below 17 degrees. If you are not going to swim in the ocean, and like a warm gentle breeze and prigrevaet the sun, then Tenerife is for you. At this time trips to the island are very cheap, and to visit Spain and see the spectacular scenery in January is very nice.
Warm in winter and Sri Lanka. In the South-Western resorts with temperatures around 30 degrees, and there is practically no rain.


Warm in winter and Vietnam. In the resorts you can lie on the beach, go diving or go on any of a variety of interesting excursions. At night in Vietnam, discotheques and bars, and in the afternoon you can treat yourself to exotic cocktails at the beach.

India, Goa

Great weather in January in India. Goa in winter is one of the most popular of European resorts. The rainy season is over and will not begin soon, the wind also dies down, the temperature rises to 30 degrees, the clouds almost none.