Egypt attracts a large number of tourists, especially in the cold season. First, a very inexpensive price and great service. Secondly, the average water temperature in the sea in winter is +22-25 degrees. The third entry without a visa. This means that you will only have to pack the suitcase and fly to warm countries for holidays. Most of the hotels offers to its customers a food on system "all inclusive", you can expect a variety of food and local beverages. The red sea attracts divers. Put on a mask and dive into this amazing deep, you will be amazed by the colorful corals and fish of unusual colors. Besides relaxing on the beach, you will be offered many interesting excursions. Do not forget about the pyramids, which is famous for fabulous Egypt. Increasingly popular recently become a holiday in Thailand. The average temperature in this Paradise is +28-30 degrees, the water temperature in the Gulf of Thailand 25 degrees. The most popular resorts of Thailand – Phuket and Pattaya. Great news for tourists visa-free entry into the country. On arrival, it is sufficient to pay the visa fee ($25). Thailand is a country of hospitality and smiles, you will be offered a huge number of various excursions and tours. Prices in winter are more acceptable, so you can choose a hotel depending on your capabilities. Thailand attracts tourists by its beautiful nature and modern infrastructure, identity of local residents. Having visited this country once, you will want to go there again.India is one of the sacred places of recreation not only in summer but also in winter. The air temperature in the winter in Goa is +28-32 degrees, water in the Indian ocean +23-25 degrees. European culture of Goa is mixed with Indian flavor and unusual Oriental refinement, this applies to architecture and cuisine. Endless beaches with white sand, the smell of spices in the air, bent over the water, palm trees – all this is an integral attribute of a holiday in India. And, of course, exciting and turbulent life on the famous island of Ibiza.January is considered a favorite winter month skiers, it was at this time snow is guaranteed in all the popular resorts of Europe. The reasonable prices will please you Andor. Excellent opportunities for snowboarding and skiing open to you in Germany, Austria and France. Suitable for beginners resorts of Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Montenegro. In February climatically attractive United Arab Emirates (air temperature is 25-28 degrees, water – 18-19 degrees). This is an extremely modern country with huge opportunities for exciting and profitable shopping with skyscrapers and luxury hotels, Golden sandy beaches. The most popular holiday destinations – Abu Dhabi and Dubai.