Focus on yourself - not the way to please a guy

Many Proverbs, films, forums and women's sites gives the girls the idea that all the world should love yourself. The share of truth in this - having a good self esteem, you get confidence, good-looking, with you interesting to talk to, because you have your opinion. However, to focus only on yourself is not worth it. A modern girl believe that guys should be happy just to be around, receiving nothing in return. It is fundamentally wrong. Besides, you don't have to do boyfriend expensive gifts, take him on dates and in every way to please - it's a man's prerogative. And you can thank a man a delicious lunch, a cute trinket or a relaxing massage.
Men do not like materialistic women, appreciating in a strong field only the thickness of the purse.

Girl, guy - not the best option

The girl should be a girl - feminine, mysterious, gentle. If you prefer sports clothes, men have a manner of speaking and well-doing repairs, you might be interested. But not for long. Usually, a man, meet a guy in a skirt, at first surprised, it is intriguing unusual new friend and the opportunity to speak on any topic. But soon the male soul begins to miss the truly feminine qualities of care, gentleness, helplessness. Using the male model of behavior, you will have a lot of male friends, but, alas, they will only perceive you as "guy".
Most men like it when girls wear flying dresses, use natural makeup and not hair in intricate hairstyles.

Show the helplessness of the mind

Men are touched, seeing the fragile girls that is not able to independently open a bottle of water or lift a heavy bag. But beat with helplessness and not worth it. Constant whining, requests for assistance and lack of independence only irritate men. Young people want to have a relationship with a cute girl and not a spoiled child.

Silence is Golden

Men do not like girls who talk too much - the case and without. Sociability - a good character trait, when manifested in action. However, soon the man will cease to melt your childish and seriously start to think about the breakup. Often the brain of a young person busy business challenges and important issues, and regular gossip, discussions of friends and just the flow of information is able to bring the guy out.