The strengthening of the eyebrows oils

Great impact on the condition of the hair, and in particular, eyebrows have castor, burdock, olive, peach and almond oil. Castor oil can be used in pure form. To do this, slightly warm up the oil in a water bath and applied on hairs for an hour, and then remove the remains with a cotton pad. The recommended frequency of performing such procedures 2-3 times a week. And to accelerate the growth of eyebrows (eyelashes can also be strengthen by this means), mix 70 ml of castor oil with 30 ml of aloe juice. The prepared mixture is applied on eyebrows using cosmetic brush.
To improve the color of hair, castor oil add a few drops of carrot juice or brewed black tea.

Burdock oil is a wonderful remedy to speed up hair growth, but in its pure form it is better not to use because it can appear allergic reaction. For the preparation of a firming mask for eyebrows is recommended to take 3 drops of burdock oil, 3 drops of camphor oil and the same amount of linseed oil. The components are thoroughly mixed, and then lightly heat the mixture on a water bath. Apply the mask on your eyebrows and leave overnight. Cosmetic procedure is recommended once every three days during the month.

Olive oil for eyelashes, eyebrows and the skin needs nutrition and hydration. When regularly performed cosmetic procedures for eyebrows to become thicker and grow faster. To strengthen the medicinal properties of olive oil, it is recommended to enrich it with almond, burdock or castor oil. In this mixture dissolve a capsule of vitamin E and a capsule of fish oil. This mixture is applied on the eyebrows overnight for 30 days in a row, and then do a six-month break and again continue treatments.
For greater effect, we recommend to combine the mask for the eyebrows with a light massage: this treatment will improve blood supply and nutrition of hair.

Jojoba oil – an amazing oil, which has many useful properties: it accelerates the growth of hair, restores their structure and improves nutrition. For eyebrow growth cosmetic preparing a mixture consisting of ¼ teaspoon of jojoba oil and 1 drop essential oil of Jasmine, sandalwood, or nutmeg. The mixture is slightly warmed on a water bath. Then smear the eyebrow buttery mixture on top, cover them with parchment paper and leave the mask on for 27-30 minutes.

Features oil masks for eyebrows and eyelashes

Frequency of cosmetic procedures is largely dependent on the state of the eyebrows. In the preventive purposes the mask is enough to apply once a week, but for the treatment procedure is recommended to perform daily. The composition is gently spread over the area of hair growth, then against the growth, and then again in the direction of hair growth. Cosmetic procedure should be done very carefully to by the negligence of the mixture gets into your eyes. If the eyes are watery and red steel, the procedure should stop and immediately consult an eye specialist.