You will need
  • - almond or olive oil;
  • - vitamins "Aevit";
  • - complex of vitamins and minerals.
Warm olive or almond oil to 40 degrees. Soak in it a cotton swab and apply on the eyebrows for 15 minutes. Oils penetrate deep into the hair and accelerate their growth due to high nutrient content. If you suffer from allergies, then be careful.
Rinse old bottle from under the mascara and dry it. Mix 3-5 ml of any oil with 1 capsule "Evita" and pour the resulting composition into the tube with a syringe without the needle. Apply with a brush several times a day.
Buy herb calendula. Place raw materials in a glass dish and pour alcohol in a ratio of 1:10. Put in a cool place for at least 24 hours. Infusion strain and dilute with cold boiled water in half. Saturate a gauze and apply compresses on eyebrows, top cover with cellophane. After an hour wash with cool water. Procedure is carried out several times a week.
Look in stores with a special serum which is used to enhance the growth of eyelashes. Apply it on eyebrows, so feel free to start using as soon as I read the instructions for use.
Take vitamins and minerals. They will fill the body with essential substances which positively affect not only the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, but also on health in General. Also, try eating variety of foods. In the diet include seafood, meat, and milk.
Gradually, your eyebrows will be thick and beautiful. But this will not happen as quickly as you want. For this reason adjust their shape with a pencil that matches your color.