Advice 1: How to cook a compote of black chokeberry

For the emergence and spread in the gardens and forests of Central Russia chokeberry can thank a famous Russian breeder Michurin, I. S.. His efforts wild North American shrub turned into a fruit tree, which in autumn they throw bunches of black sweet tart berries. Unlike other fruit trees, the harvest of chokeberry is often left unmade, and yet, it is possible to prepare healthy and tasty juice, including in the winter.
How to cook a compote of black chokeberry

Useful properties of black chokeberry

In Aronia berries, which ripen in September and October, contains vitamins: P, E, C, carotene and b vitamins, and trace elements: iodine, iron, fluorine, copper, molybdenum, manganese, boron. They also have sorbitol, a glucoside amygdalin, a lot of pectin and tannins.

Due to its medicinal properties, Aronia products help to reduce the pressure in the initial stage of hypertension, have a preventive effect and prevent atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

The Aronia berry fresh and dry, as well as beverages, including fruit drinks, strengthen the nervous system, have calming and relaxing effect, their use increases blood clotting, promote the flow of bile and enhance the effect of gastric enzymes.

In addition, these fruits help in disease and dysfunction of the thyroid gland, through they contain iodine, they also strengthen the immune system and excrete radioactive substances. Learning about the many useful properties of these miracle berries, you'll probably want to make a delicious compote.
In compotes and fruit drinks of chokeberry can add a little fresh mint to boost their refreshing properties.

Compote of black chokeberry

If you want to cook a compote of black chokeberry to drink it within a few days, cook it with the apples, because the berries have a tart taste and the addition of apples will help soften it. 1 kg of berries you will need:
- 4 liters of water;
- 2 large apples;
- ½ Lemon;
- 700 g of sugar.
Aronia berries have antiseptic properties and can be stored in winter fresh at zero temperature.

The collected berries, rinse under running water, wash the apples, cut into slices, cut out the core. Boil water in a large saucepan, pour berries, put the apples and cut into small pieces, unpeeled lemon, add sugar. When the water boils, reduce heat and cook for another 10 minutes on slow fire and then remove the pan from the heat. Allow the compote to cool and infuse, then you can drink.

In that case, when you want to preserve compote for the winter, washed berries and sliced apples in the same amount of fold in the washed and sterilized three-liter jar. Pour in a jar of boiling water, let stand 10 minutes then drain the water and again boil it, add the Cup of sugar and citric acid on the tip of a knife. Pour boiling water into the jar and immediately roll it with a lid for canning. Gently turn the jar, put on the cap to make sure it is closed tightly. Leave to cool and then store it away safely in a cool dark place.

Advice 2: How to cook a delicious compote

To make the compote, you can take a little wrinkled, but not overripe fruits and berries. In some cases, overripe fruit increases the percentage of starch (e.g., apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums). This substance is not the best way affects the quality of the finished beverage. If we are talking about the berries, then they can have traces of primary fermentation.
How to cook a delicious compote
You will need
    • fruits or berries;
    • sugar or honey;
    • cloth;
    • knife;
    • measuring spoon;
    • pan;
    • plate.
Decide which fruits you want to cook the compote. If the drink is intended for a child, it is best to choose sweet fruits instead of sugar to add a small amount of honey. If the compote will drink adults – nice to put on a few grams of spices. Peaches and apricots are perfectly combined with green cardamom, Apple compote , it is recommended to put a couple of clove buds and a few peas allspice, compote of cherries even more "open" flavor when you add a couple of Bay leaves.
Purchase all the necessary ingredients. When choosing fruits, choose fruits with uniform color and size, typical for the species. Neither too large nor too small fruit for the compoteand not worth taking. The same applies to unripe or overripe fruits. Remember that (with rare exceptions) a good drink can be prepared only from high quality components. Another tip: try not to buy fruit of dubious origin. For example, in apples collected near busy highways or industrial zones, nothing useful will not.
Inspect the house fruits and berries, and remove any rotten spots. Rinse the fruits under running cold water, dry on paper or cloth towel as an option – spread on a clean cloth towel for natural dry. Remove seeds, seed, nests, etc. can only be once on the surface of the fruit left moisture. Large fruit certainly cut, small can be left whole.
Put fruit in an enamel saucepan, cover with cold water, and add sugar and spices to taste. Typically every kilogram of stone fruit (cherries, plums) recommended 2-3 tbsp sugar, for pome fruits (apples, pears, quince) bookmark sugar can be increased by 50 percent. If you have decided to make a compote with honey, sugar to put need not, and honey - put for 3-5 min. before the end of cooking. Simmer the compote for at least 10 minutes after the start of boiling. Then remove from heat and let it infuse in a tightly sealed container until cool.

Advice 3: How to cook a delicious compote of berries

In the heat of summer fruit compote is good for quenching thirst. In winter weather it reminds you of Sunny days and helps combat vitamin deficiency. Kids this delicacy instills a love of natural fruits berries. Unlike store-bought carbonated drinks and plant juices, homemade compote is not only delicious, but also very useful.
How to cook a delicious compote of berries
You will need
    • berries
    • water
    • sugar
    • pan
    • glass jars
    • cover
    • seaming machine
    • a warm blanket.
Sort through the berries, set them free from the peduncle. Throw away spoiled fruit, and the rest put in a colander and rinse thoroughly under running cold water. Put the colander on the pot to let the water drain out. You can also pour the berries on a clean towel, previously spread out on the table.
In a clean saucepan, pour water, put it on the fire and bring to a boil. As soon as the water boils, carefully put in a pot of berries. Add sugar to taste, mix gently. Try the compote. It needs to be a little sweeter than you like. The fact that the berries after some time give the liquid its acid, and taste the compoteand will be just as necessary.
Wait until compote comes to a boil, remove the pan from the heat, so the berries in the compotedidn't lose shape. The compote can be drunk immediately, spilling the glasses and pre-cool. And you can cover the pan with a lid and wait until the berries start to give him all their taste. When the pan feels warm, compote reveal the taste in its entirety.
The compote can also cook on the basis of sugar syrup. To do this in a saucepan with boiling water pour the sugar and wait until it is completely dissolved. Add the resulting syrup to the berries, again bring it to a boil and remove the pan from the heat.
To cook the compote from frozen berries, no need to defrost. Douse the berries with boiling water and immediately immerse in a pot of boiling water. Thawed at room temperature, the berries will lose most of their contained useful substances.
Useful advice
To stock up on stewed fruit for the winter, you need to roll it into sterile jars. To do this, take jars, sterilize them for a couple. Moved, washed and dried with clean towels berries pour about 1/3. Add the sugar and 05 a teaspoon of citric acid per liter water. Fill the jars with boiling water. Banks roll with metal lids with sealing machines. For the best sterilizing jars with compote in a day after rolling are best stored upside down tightly wrapped in warm blankets.

Advice 4: How to make compote for the winter

Compote is a delicious, vitamin-rich soft drink. Prepared at home, it does not contain dyes and preservatives. And so this useful drink has been on your Desk all year round, weld and roll it in banks. For example, very good taste and long shelf cherry compote.
How to make compote for the winter
You will need
    • 3-liter of the Bank;
    • 2 tbsp. of ripe cherries;
    • 1 tbsp. sugar;
    • vanillin;
    • boiling water;
    • peel of one lemon;
    • a warm blanket.
Berries rinse well under running water and sort of stalks, leaves and other debris. Sure that wasn't wrinkled or spoiled fruit.
Put the cherries on some time aside and prepare the syrup. Place on low heat a saucepan with two liters of water. When the water begins to warm, add the sugar and stir well.
Bring the syrup to a boil. Then add a little vanilla and lemon peel. Cook for another 2-3 minutes and remove the pan from the heat. Also, if you wish we can also add the spices. For example, cloves or ginger.
In parallel with the syrup, prepare a jar in which to store the compote. Thoroughly wash it with hot water with detergent for dishes. Then sterilize a convenient way for you – in the oven or over steam. Then put in a glass container with cherries. Pour the cooked berries with the syrup, after taking out a lemon peel.
The syrup should fill the jar to the brim, so she turned out all the air. Roll up your compote rail cover. Wrap your head with a blanket and put in a warm place for 2-3 days. Ensure that the cap is not swollen.
Then the compote can be lowered into the cellar or put in the pantry. Winter, before serving, the berries of drink you can put in a bowl and serve as a separate dish. Also they can decorate the dessert.
Don't forget that canned berries or fruit you should drink throughout the year. Otherwise you risk to poison a drink for themselves and their families. After all, the seed contains the poison prussic acid. And after 12 months of storage of juice it goes from seed to fruit. If you're afraid that all of the supplies for winter your family not master in one year, then before you put the fruits and berries in the jar, carefully remove the seeds from them.
Useful advice
Instead of cherries for cooking compote you can use any other berries and fruits or even make cuts.
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