Tie Snood can be like knitting and crochet. Here will be considered the first option.

How to tie Snood Polish band

Before you start knitting this product, you need to find the right yarn and needles. If you have a thick enough yarn, you need to arm circular knitting needles No. 5 or # 4 and # 5. First decide the width and length of the necks of the future. Then tie your chosen binding a small piece of this product. So you can calculate how many loops you'll need.
The more get the width of the scarf-necks, the more beautiful you can put it on his chest.

So, dial on circular needles with the desired number of loops. Knit this cowl option will need to Polish with a rubber band. This is a fairly simple binding, you can quite quickly master.

Join in the circle received a chain of loops and knit:
- the first series of three facial loops, purl one hinge;
- second row - two front, one purl, one of the front hinge;
- third row - fits the same as the first;
- fourth row - promazyvaya it the same as the second, etc.

How to tie Snood facial surface

To associate this option necks, you'll need yarn turquoise, dark green, green, blue-green and yellow. In addition, you'll need circular knitting needles No. 8. Knit Snood should be the front surface. The first (front) row should be fully knit facial loops. The second (purl) row should be knit entirely of purl loops.

So, to tie this scarf-Snood, dial on circular needles 80 loops of dark green yarn and roll them into the ring. Then knit the front stitch for 40 cm of yarn for each color. After you finish the job, the hinges can freely close.

How to tie Snood garter viscous and faceted band

To link to this Snood, you'll need knitting needles No. 5. When knitting you need to use a garter binding or cut gum. When garter binding as the front and purl rows should be knit entirely of the front loops.

To tie a scarf-Snood, you need to score 80 loops and two edge. First provarite 80 rows faceted band. Then start knitting in garter. Tie six rows. Upon completion of the knitting of the loops, not pulling them close. To sew a Snood should knit stitch.
When knitting garter facial and purl rows to knit facial loops completely.

Faceted rubber fit:
- the first row or two face loops, purl two;
second row: purl one loop *two front, two reverse loops*, next, repeat from *, one front loop.

Snood is a very fashionable accessory, useful and practical. It is both a scarf and hat. Combining the advantages of the two indispensable things it is able to protect your head from the cold in the winter season. Surely this thing will be an important in your wardrobe. From the variety of hats-scarves choose the most suitable option and do not be lazy to link it at your leisure.