Live comfortably without a job is indeed possible, if not to active and passive income. Usually people perform some type of work, the results of which they charged the salary is active income. But if to obtain funds not due, and for the possession of property or funds is a passive source of income. By the way, passive income is recommended to have all of the significant businessmen of our time, because it is they, and not the active tool, can help really good money.
To have passive income can afford not only businessmen, but also ordinary citizens. If you have the apartment in which you live and to which rent - it your source of passive income. And very good at it, because it is possible to earn income comparable with the average salary in the region of residence. Of course, the level of rent depends on the size of the apartment, and from her General condition, but still is a great source of income that allows you to obtain additional funds and not be working.
You can live on savings made earlier, if you put them at interest in the Bank. With a serious amount of savings accrued interest will develop into a sufficiently attractive amount that you can withdraw from the Bank card every month. The amount of savings will still be in my Bank account, so you will not lose anything. If Bank rate is higher than the average annual inflation, such investment can earn even as growth in savings will be faster than the depreciation of money. In any case, the percentage of the contribution can be a good increase in salary, or even the main source of income.
Another way to make money without spending entire days at the workplace is an investment. This method is very risky, but the yield is when winning it is much higher banks or rent. To invest means to invest their money in other people's projects. To invest in securities of third-party companies or business projects. Not to say that some of these areas more profitable or more risky. Shares can rise in price and fall sharply, as well as a business project can bring huge dividends, and may end in complete failure.
To invest in any area be very careful. It is best to first invest a relatively small amount of money for you, and then re-invest only those funds that have managed to gain from the project. Under favorable conditions, will be able to return the amount you invested initially, and to increase the funds, anything without losing.
Of course, there is another option to earn passive income from creating any works or inventions. For example, writers get constant income from the sale of their books, and musicians - from CD sales. Inventors have the opportunity to patent his invention and to receive a percentage of each item that is created using this patent. But these areas of passive income are not suitable for everyone. And, in addition, hardly creative types and scientists should stop their activities and live only on passive income.