"Boot-cut" or flared jeans

The name of this model of jeans comes from two words: “cut” – cross “boot” – boots, shoes. These denim pants hug the thigh, slightly expanded from the knee. This model is with a low waistline. Flared below the knee, these jeans cover the shoes. The model flare fit for those who prefer not to tuck the pants into the shoes. Plus, jeans "boot-cut" is the most popular model, which sits perfectly on any figure. Flared jeans are perfectly combined with classic shirts, sweaters and fitted shirts. It is most advantageous it will look with heels.
Buying jeans without adding any synthetics, it is better to buy one size smaller, since they are a little stretched.

"Skinny" or tight jeans

These jeans differ a fitted style. This model is very tight on the body, emphasizing the slender silhouette. Combine skinny jeans with tops and shirts casual jumpers and switchtime oversize. Typically, tight jeans model most appropriate in a relaxed atmosphere and is not suitable for the office dress code. Now the trend of the "skinny" in the style "grunge" with a broken leg and a faded wash. They go perfectly with chunky boots and plaid.

"Classic" or straight

The classical model of jeans is suitable for almost everyone. This kind of denim pants is an integral part of the basic wardrobe of every woman. They go together with almost all clothes and shoes, and the classic model in dark blue visually elongates silhouette and conceals imperfections. The classical model of jeans never goes out of fashion for several years now. This season pay attention to straight jeans light blue color with worn effect. And those outfits grunge like artificially aged model with holes.
When choosing jeans, it is better not to save, as good quality denim pants go with everything and last a long time.

Boyfriend Jeans or jeans mens style

For several consecutive seasons in fashion jeans in men's style. They not only emphasize the femininity and fragility of their owner, but also incredibly convenient. Boyfriend jeans look great with sneakers and boots and heels. Combine this model with a shortened t-shirts and switchtime. Typically, this style of jeans is slightly cropped leg for a profitable shading delicate female ankles.

Twisted or jeans with offset side seam

This model of jeans is perfect for owners of full legs. Offset side seam visually makes the body slimmer and legs longer. Wear this model with ankle boots and tunics with a wide belt at the waist. Jeans with offset side seam, as a rule, extend from the knee, so a perfect addition to them will be the heeled shoes. In order to visually adjust the shape, choose a dark blue or black. Also, visually pull the silhouette help vertical wear on the leg.