Combination with cobalt

On the color wheel cobalt shade of blue takes pride of place. This is one of the few colors that look great in the company of their own kind - other shades of blue. In addition, this rich color goes well with versatile colors shades of gray and brown.

The juicy combinations can be obtained by combining cobalt with shades of yellow is the opposite color. As an example, a good combination with cobalt to produce the following colors:

coral and light blue (the color of jeans);
- a pastel shade of lime;
- bilberry and gray-brown;
- mouse gray;
cherry and sand;
- smoky gray and light gray;
- Burgundy and pastel blue;
- flax;
- light blue, grassy green and pastel green;
brown, orange and beige;
- pastel blue and dark blue.

Cobalt color in your everyday wardrobe

Making images with the use of cobalt blue, inspire you like pictures of nature, fruit, culinary delights or any other compositions, which you can see an interesting combination with this color. So, pictures of primroses, hardly dissolve their bright blue petals with pale blue streaks, seen more fluffy and Burgundy stems, and brown of last year's foliage.
Use photos of primrose to create a fashionable image: wear cobalt dress under a Burgundy coat, neck tie scarf pastel blue hue and complete your look with dark brown ankle boots.

To create an image of the day, you can use a picture antique door - antique wooden door, painted bright blue paint. In some places the paint is already chipped, which allowed the photographer to capture different shades of blue: cobalt, gentle nezabudkovy and gray-blue. These colors are perfect to create the image of total blue – this outfit, in which all its components are made in different shades of blue.
To create a relaxed way total blue wear Navy blue pullover with light blue denim skirt, bright tights and cobalt sneakers.

If your goal is to create a vivid image of youth, then try to combine cobalt with bright yellow or yellow mustard. For example, combine a bright blue sweatshirt with yellow skinny jeans and chocolate ballet flats or loafers.