If the clothes small droplets of solidified foam, remove them with a sharp knife. Gently loosen the remains of a fine sewing needle. Then the foam particles, remove with a stiff brush. If needed, use a chemical solvent.

Take a sharp tool, e.g. the blade of a hobby knife and gently scrape off the foam. Be careful as one wrong move can completely ruin clothes. After you will need a special spray cleaner that is sold in hardware and DIY stores. Before using it, test on a small inconspicuous area of the garment on the reverse side. Apply a few drops on a cloth and wait a couple of minutes. If the material has not changed color, you can safely use it for purification.

Several times shake the aerosol and then gently apply the product only on the stain from the foam, not the fabric. Wait for about 20-25 minutes, and then wipe the material with a damp cloth or sponge. At the end rinse the clothes in clean running water and wash with detergent for stubborn dirt. This method is suitable even in the case if the stain is old.

Use mineral spirits or clean gasoline, if you do not have at hand a special cleaner. Of course, these tools are not as effective but more gentle on the fabric. Gauze or cotton swab soak in solvent for 5-10 minutes apply the stain from the foam. Under the influence of chemical substances, it gradually dissolves. The trace of the stains, rinse under running water and sasteria with stain remover.

To get rid of stains using the cold. Soiled clothing will be folded neatly so that frozen foam on top. Pack it in a plastic bag and place at some time in the freezer. About half an hour, remove the clothing and gently remove the foam using scissors or a utility knife. Trail wipe with a cotton swab dipped in liquid varnish remover or acetone. Clothes cleaned from foam, rinse and wash with the addition of stain remover.