"Krokus-city" is located in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow. Located near Volokolamsk and Novorizhskoe highway, and the complex is the first metro station located in Moscow and the region. Built this station was at the expense of the private investor the Moscow metro. But now "Makino", which is located in "Crocus city" is not the Terminus.
To get to "Crocus city" on the subway, take the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line from the center to the end station "Mitino" and get off at the station "Makino". The organizers always ensure that everyone could find the center - a lot of signs and pointers that will help you not to get lost and to find the right store, concert hall or restaurant.
If you get to "Crocus city" on the car you need on the ring road to reach 65-67 km on the ring from a distance you can see the center. To go from the outside of the ring, you need to move out of the Volokolamsk highway to the Shopping and exhibition complex. "Krokus-city" a huge car Park for several thousand cars.
If you want to get on the overground public transport, then to "Crocus city" walking bus and buses to get you need to be on the street Isakovsky. From metro station "Molodezhnaya" by taxi №№10 and 10A, from "Tushinskaya" bus №№450 and 631, bus no. 631 and 640, from Strogino No. 652, "Shukinskaya" - bus №640. Already at the bus stop you will see a huge complex and has multiple diagrams that you can find the center that you need.