A night walk through the city center

Red square is one of the most important places of the city, and Russia as a whole. Here loves to be in the evenings the youth of the capital. City visitors also tend to visit Red square. If you arrived in Moscow transit and you have one night and morning the train or airplane to another city, you can devote this time to the city's main square.

It's also a great way to save on the hotel. You can relax, sitting on a comfortable bench or going into a café. Here tasty feed. Restoring power, go further.

Close to red, is the Manege square. Here, too, the interesting walk in the twilight. Many people like to the Sparrow hills at any time of the day or night.

Walk on the square near the Bolshoi theatre. Night lighting makes this building a fabulous and festive at the same time. The game night light on the jets of the fountain, too. The fountain is not only about the Bolshoi theatre. Summer in Moscow there are hundreds of large and small fountains.

There they are on the outskirts. Speaking about how and where to walk in Moscow at night, it should be said that in remote areas at this time of day it is better not to travel because of the criminal situation, but there are exceptions.

Walking on the edge

There are places on the outskirts of Moscow that visit is not only possible, but pleasant at night. Shoppers who want for a few hours at night to travel back to Vegas, you can do it completely.

Moscow "Vegas" is on the 24th kilometer of the ring road. If you want to catch open boutiques, to arrive before 24 o'clock in the morning. That's how much they close. But all night shopping centre "Your house". At this time there is almost nobody there, so you can in silence to wander in this realm of products for the home and garden.

Almost the same goods are traded in "Obi" at the Warsaw highway, which is also nice to walk at night. Here you can sit on benches or garden swings. To eat, need to go from this centre to the metro station "Warsaw".

In tents near the subway selling hot coffee, sandwiches, burgers all night. To walk here is also nice. At this time on the highway, fewer cars than during the day, so you can easily get from one side street to another.

At 5 am start to walk for the train. They can get to the Paveletsky station, to wander there. 5.40 opens in metro. It will quickly whisk you home or to the station.

Places to enjoy night walks in Moscow a lot. Importantly, do not forget about their safety and, if necessary, to go to a cafe, to eat, to relax and rejuvenate.