Causes of green stool in newborns

The first year the child is the formation of the digestive system and other systems of the body, so violations of a chair or the color change is not a pathology. Normally, intestinal bacteria cannot cope with the incoming volume of food.
The first 5-7 days of the child's body comes out meconium, which later transformed into a stool.

What causes staining of feces in a greenish color in the child after the fifth day after birth? Carefully observe the child's behavior to correctly determine the cause.

If green stool baby behaves calmly, eating, sleeping, the color of feces depends on the food consumed lactating woman. For example, in the diet there are a large number of green products. To prevent this from happening, you should carefully choose the food, as the intestines of a baby is underdeveloped, so the body reacts to the slightest changes.

The second reason green stools – liquid and low-fat mother's milk. In this case, the stool becomes more liquid consistency without the strong smell. For excessively fat milk stool is mustard-brownish tint, can appear constipation.

If the child is on artificial feeding, a change in the color and texture of the feces is due to the change of power. Perhaps the mixture are chosen correctly. You need to try a different kind and to monitor the health status of the newborn.
Very often in the transition from breastfeeding to artificial changes in color of stool.

Dark green stool is an indication of insufficient absorption of iron. When oxidative reactions occur staining of feces.

Green stool – symptom of disease

Often green stool is a symptom of any disease:
- when you have a cold or viral illness with high fever the feces changes color;
- when dysbacteriosis feces can be painted in almost any color, there is a pungent smell of rot, the foam is formed or blood fragments;
- if lactase deficiency.

Typically, staining stool in green with no other signs for concern – it is quite common for a growing body. If green stool is accompanied by abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, anxiety baby skin rash, sleep disorders, should be immediately tested to establish an accurate diagnosis.