To obtain data, information about which is contained in the downloaded torrent-file, you must open it in a special program for example Utorrent, which is available free on the Internet. Launch the app and via the function "Add torrent", specify the path to the desired file. Also usually torrent files are automatically opened in the appropriate program right after downloading them.
Make sure that the data from the torrent file. If the percentage of the download is always at zero, perhaps at the moment no users, distributing data. Wait until they appear. Also the file may give error message missing data. In this case, click on it, right click and select "perekashivaet", then the download will start again.
In the menu "Options", select the appropriate connection settings to the Internet. Usually the default settings suffice for successfully downloading the files, but in some cases, the torrent is able to stand because of the need for additional actions. For example, if the network you are using a proxy server and other settings provided by your ISP, enter them.
Choose a safe and accessible sites for downloading torrent files. If you are loading data from foreign sites, downloading may not always be successful due to the difference in the Internet connection and the method of distribution. Some sites also provide for the blocking of users that after downloading the torrents immediately go from the hand. In this and some other cases data download torrent may never begin, even if the network settings are correct.
Make sure that you have installed in the system antivirus is not blocking the program to download the torrents. If so, add it to the list of programs to the exception to start downloading.