Bright colors of clothing for redheads

To locate your spectacular and unique style, red-haired girls don't have to put a lot of effort – nature, and so gave them a striking appearance that is easy to emphasize. When choosing clothes, suitable to the fiery curls should be guided by the color of the hair, which is the main component of an image. In addition, the color scheme of the wardrobe should be in harmony not only with the shade of hair, but also makeup and accessories.

To the bright ginger hair are ideal for such shades like caramel, cognac, Golden copper, copper red and brown. With the fiery hair will be perfectly combined clothes bright yellow, emerald green, bright blue or turquoise color, which should be complemented with colorful accessories (shoes, handbag, sunglasses, jewelry).
If you have red hair, be careful with things red because it is not suitable for all red-haired girls.

When choosing clothes, you must consider the color of the eyes and skin. Dark girls stylists recommend to give preference to red color, while owners of light skin, he is absolutely contraindicated. You also need to be able to determine your shade of hair to a copper or brown is perfect the blue jackets or pullovers, turquoise dresses, Navy blue long dresses and sweaters. Universal color for all shades of red hair is a deep green or a deep moss color.

Restrained tones in the outfits

If you prefer a low-key style of dress and have flaming hair, the perfect choice for you will be white dresses and blouses, white tops, and light jackets and raincoats. The sensuality and harmony of the image will add gray, graphite and dark gray.
Stylists recommend red-haired women to combine gray dresses and cardigans with delicate silver jewellery.

In addition, the owners of red hair go very soft brown and pale peach shades: camel, mustard, light brown and chocolate tones complement the impression with red girls and beautiful make-up.

And finally, the black color which goes well with any hair color, but looks the most sexy with red hair. Wearing a black evening dress or black jumper closed, and dismissing luxurious red hair, the girl will not go unnoticed even in a poorly lit room.