The most common mistake in caring for Azalea, which she is starting to fall off the leaves, – incorrect watering. Is it not time to water as the earthen dries instantly, and now the result is obvious – the leaves wither, curl and flies. To correct the trouble, it is good to shed the plant. To do this, pour into a basin of boiled water at room temperature and place in a pot with Azalea so that all earthen was in the water. Leave the azaleas in otkachke for 30-40 minutes.
Stress effect, namely – arrange azaleas a shower. The water temperature should not exceed +28 ° C. After a shower, trim the twigs from which the leaves fell.

Complete rehabilitation procedure installing the pot of Azalea on a grate to drip off excess water. Then put the flower into place and continue do not forget to regularly water it to defend or filtered water (the soil in the pot should always be a little moist). After about 3 weeks the plant should produce new leaves.


Azaleas often suffer from such diseases as chlorosis. It causes yellowing and leaf drop. Infection can happen if the flower is planted in calcareous soil, as it prefers an acidic environment. Of course, it is good to make analysis of the soil in which grows your azaleas, and make sure that the substrate is not really suitable for plants belonging to the family Ericaceae and the genus rhododendron.

If it is impossible to check the soil for chemical composition, and if factors such as incorrect irrigation and the presence of pests is possible, try to acidify the soil. To do this, once a month watering the azaleas with water, which added to the vinegar or citric acid (juice). To 1 liter of water is enough 2-3 drops of 3% vinegar or fresh lemon juice or 5 crystals of citric acid powder. It is possible to oxidize water and other method is to steep it in peat tablets, which are sold in flower shops (on the concentration is written in the instructions for use).
You can just replant azaleas affected by chlorosis in the pot with the earthy blend for rhododendrons, bought in a specialized flower shop. If the plant still have healthy leaves, it will be fine.


The most common pest of azaleas is azalievye moth (Caloptilia Araleella). Have affected their flower leaves rolled into a tube, wither and fall off. Rather crumbling, and not just fall off. Mol visible to the naked eye, it looks like the spindle-shaped caterpillar. Pests should be to collect the leaves, and the plants were treated with insecticide.

Another pest often striking Azalea - scale. It sucks the SAP from the leaves of a flower, why they suddenly turn yellow and fall off. If upon closer examination you notice on the leaves brown spots, sticky plaque-like syrup, wipe each leaf with soapy water. In severe cases, treat with insecticide.

In conditions of excessively dry air indoors and in the absence of regular spraying the azaleas may appear spider mite. If you notice that the leaves wither and fall off, consider carefully the internodes of the stems, thin spider might be hiding there. Tackling is the constant heavy spraying and foliar spraying with a soap solution.