Leap year excites the imagination of many people. Some believe that he is nothing but trouble. Others, however, called a leap yearand the most happy in life. So who is right? 2012 current year - year of the Dragon, story time. A mythical beast that grants wishes. Therefore, a leap year can't be bad. Single will meet their soulmate; who dreamed of a house will receive a shelter; who dreamed of a career, rise through the ranks. In General, the present time is supposed to be beautiful.
Many contradictions found in the way of research. There are reasons why a leap year is considered unlucky. So, first and foremost superstition in this period, you can't marry. It is believed that the marriage in a leap year, will not be happy: it will disintegrate, discord, the young do not get along together. In fact, statistical evidence of such superstition does not exist (i.e., in leap years divorce does not occur more often than usual). And therefore, to fear the bride and groom is not necessary. So if you want to get married in 2012, then ignore the signs.
There is one more superstition, saying in a leap year come all the troubles. This is also no statistical evidence. Psychologists say that the man himself suggests that this period should anything bad happen. In consequence of which there are all kinds of troubles. If especially not to focus on that year is a leap year, then he will pass like all the others (as will be good days and not so good - it can't be avoided).
The most interesting predictions for leap year - it is a rebellion by nature. A variety of disasters expected during this period of time based on ancient superstitions. But in this case there are discrepancies. Even last year. How many natural disasters happened in Japan alone! And 2011 year was not a leap year. Therefore, it is not serious about superstitions. Leap year should be met with hope for the best, expect something good and kind, and everything will be fine.