Signs associated with leap year

Before our time came a lot of will associated with a leap year. Basically, they portend a decline in health.

It is believed that in a leap year the number of suicides and accidents, chronic diseases become aggravated and almost impossible to cure during this period.

It has long been believed that you must be careful it 29 Feb. This "extra day" negative energy is gaining strength and is able to influence people. 29 February do not plan activities that are associated with risk to life because I'm too likely to get seriously injured.

In a leap year, our ancestors tried less to collect mushrooms. People believed that if their collection can be picked up from the Ground something bad, so you need to carefully select the mushroom dishes in a leap year or not completely reject them. Probably, this sign only applies to wild mushrooms, but particularly superstitious people better care of oneself, and that anything the fault of the wrong mushrooms collected in a leap year.

If a woman planning birth in a leap year, it should during pregnancy in any case not to cut hair. The people believed that the probability of giving birth to a retarded child, if the mother during pregnancy will cut hair. In General, pregnant in a leap year, it is recommended to take special care.

Children born in a leap year, tried to baptize as soon as possible, and as godparents chosen only the closest people to protect was stronger.

In a leap year is also impossible to move to a new house or change jobs. The consequences can be very unexpected. Such a change in life can entail a number of negative consequences. It is believed that in a leap year it is best to lay low and try as little as possible to test his fate.

As a leap year has an impact on people's lives: the case of life

The author is personally acquainted with the person from whom all the relatives and close friends die in leap years. It is not surprising that in this family the arrival of a leap year meet with the utmost alarm.

On the one hand, this situation is not very comfortable, and with another – but then we can sleep peacefully: with loved ones, nothing will happen.

It is fair to say that almost none of the members of this family died early or tragic death, however, such regularity is simply amazing.

2016 is a leap year

Astrologers associate leap years with global natural disasters and natural disasters. According to some predictors, 2016 will also be restless.

Fire Monkey will regularly give people surprises.

If you believe the predictions of Vanga, 2016 will bring not only global cataclysms, but big changes on the world political arena.