Casual look

For casual look it is better to choose eye-pleasing color combinations. Yellow and most shades are vivid and even "screaming", so the shoes and the accessories must not only to complement and highlight how much "calm". So, different shades of brown, beige and gray will make a bright dress in appropriate business attire.

Suppose you have a straight or a fitted mustard dress made of thick fabric (e.g., a mixture of cotton and linen). If such dresses short sleeves, it is a perfect casual option to wear to work in warm seasons. You can wear it with basic pumps dark grey or chocolate color, closed ankle boots on a stable heel, and beige loafers or oxfords. Complement the strict image can be a thin strap on the waist in a color bag or shoes, silk neck scarf, mens watches with leather bracelet and a small summer bag.
Try to buy minimal dresses simple cut, as they allow you to create a large number of combinations with shoes and accessories.

Lovers of free style you can wear cotton lemon dress shirt with bright ballet flats, sandals on the platform, Scandinavian clog or white sneakers. Well suited to such a fresh outfit or a roomy canvas duffel bag.

Festive look

Choosing formal yellow dress, try to consider your natural coloring. So, various warm shades of yellow and orange to face blue-eyed and blue-eyed blondes with peach skin. Brown-eyed brunette and blond with cool skin only a few shades of yellow, such as pale lemon or Canary bright.
Than brighter than your appearance, the brighter must be the colors we choose clothes.

Yellow silk cocktail dress knee length and narrow straps best to combine with shoes blue, blue or purple. These colors are opposite to yellow and, consequently, increase its natural brightness. Choosing a long evening dress, such as chiffon daffodil prom dress with sleeves "bat" and a belt under the chest, combine it with beige sandals with a hidden platform. These sandals are versatile and can be combined with clothes of any color. To enhance the beauty of yellow Maxi dresses can embellishment fuchsia: pendants, necklaces, large earrings or bracelets. Small bag contrast blue color will also be a good addition to this image.