The perfect way out of this situation will be cold soups that will not only satisfy hunger, but helps keep you cool. Recipes are present in many ethnic cuisines, because the choice can be quite diverse.

Soups based on kvass

The ingredients of these soups depends on personal taste preferences. Traditional-based soup called okroshka is vegetables and herbs. It can be completely vegetarian when it is made of finely chopped boiled potatoes, radishes, cucumbers and greens, and with the addition of animal products. It can be as boiled eggs or meat and sausage, and some recipes can be seen in the composition of the hash even canned fish, although the appearance of such dishes that are not less peculiar than its taste. Kvass is used as white and sweet red.
If you wish, or intolerance of kvass it is possible to replace the not-too-fatty kefir, yogurt and even cucumber or cabbage brine.

Sweet cold soups

These summer recipes soups are especially good for families with children as the last of them is especially appreciated. This is quite understandable: more and more like soups like desserts and are radically different in taste and composition from what is usually fed for lunch. Recipes sweet soups you can develop by yourself, you need only to find matching the taste of the fruit and pour their milk or not too fat yoghurt. If you want to get a more hearty dish, as a Supplement to the fruits can be used separately boiled not very large pasta or noodles or white crackers.
In addition to sugar, to soups based on milk or yoghurt you can also add a variety of sweet syrups, which help change the taste.

Other recipes of soups in the heat, not requiring a long-term presence at the plate

These include beetroot, beet soup, gazpacho and many other recipes. Beetroot should be cooked in the broth of young beets. A must-have addition to this recipe is the spoonful of sour cream or heavy cream, well, and the composition of the soup is similar to the hodgepodge of greens, vegetables and eggs. Botvinya is also a kind of hash, because it is based on brew, but the dominant ingredients in this recipe become fresh sorrel, beet tops, spinach, nettles. Their crushed and mixed with cucumbers, boiled with fish and beets, then pour kvas. Less common, but no less delicious gazpacho soup, which is a mixture of vegetables and bread soaked in crushed tomatoes, mixed with vegetable oil and vinegar. Thus, the composition of the soup may vary, will remain unchanged only its main ingredients: tomatoes, greens, vegetable oil, vinegar and bread.