Advice 1: What age can I use a tanning bed for newborns

Every day children's industry is a growing number of assistive tools and devices, ready to help parents in the development and entertainment of children, starting from birth. One of these devices are sun beds for newborns.
What age can I use a tanning bed for newborns
Chairs for newborns are a variant of the child seat, only more comfortable design and include a significant number of additional functions.
A separate bonus feature of motion sickness, a slight vibration, allowing you to soothe and rock baby to sleep.

There are various designs of chairs that are suitable for infants and older children who can already stay in a sitting position. Pediatricians do not recommend the use of the device earlier 1.5 months from birth, up to this point a muscular corset of a newborn is very weak, but because the child is uncomfortable in a lounge chair.

For children from three months can be considered an optimum deck chairs with adjustable backrest, which can be converted to a fully horizontal position, which is necessary for infants up to one year. There is also a smooth gradual rise back up to a sitting position. This lounger can be used for quite a long time, adjusting it for the needs of the child. Some parents use the sun loungers to 3 years of age of their children as an alternative beds on vacation or trips.

The popularity of sunbeds

Baby sun beds gradually become more and more popular among young parents, the reasons for this are. First of all, the sun loungers are very comfortable, can comfortably accommodate a child, not only at home but also during travel. The device folds easily, it is possible to take with you. The majority of quality sun loungers equipped with handles for transfer and protective visors, allowing to cover baby from the sun.
The devices have locking straps ensure secure retention of the baby in the recliner and guarantee his safety.

In addition to the basic functions, modern sun loungers is equipped with numerous additional features. In chairs designed for children from 6 months to 1.5 years, there is musical accompaniment, which perfectly holds the baby develops his perception, a sense of ear for music and rhythm. There is also a built-in hanging toys and rattles, a positive effect on fine motor skills of the child.

How to choose a safe sunbed

Functionality children's chaise longue, judging by the reviews, will greatly facilitate the life of parents. Most importantly, do not make the wrong choice of model and manufacturer.

When buying be sure to consider some factors that will not regret the purchase
- the frame of the lounger should have anatomical shape and adjustable position backrest;
- the sunbed must be equipped with handles for transport and safety belts for reliable fixation of the infant;
- it is important that the chaise lounge can be easily analyzed and gathered, also will not be superfluous case, as it allows to wash the device at any time.

Pick up the equipment of the loungers by yourself, think about what need baby toys, musical accompaniment, and that will offer you convenience you - the function of motion sickness, removable table for feeding.

Advice 2: How to wash newborns

Bathing a newborn is one of the most pleasant duties of new parents. But in order to make bathing baby go smoothly, it is necessary beforehand to prepare for it. If you still don't know how to wash newborn, remember a few tips that will help you to deal with this is still a new task for you.
How to wash newborns


  1. You need to wash newborns in special trays, preferably not very large as kids scaring large space. The market today, you can find a special bath for bathing babies, and many of them are made in such a way that the kid was comfortable to be inside. These trays anatomical shape do not allow the child to slip to the bottom thanks to special support under the back, and it means that the head of the newborn will always be above the water, and the process of bathing will be safer.

  2. To bathe the newborn in the first day after returning home from the hospital (if a vaccination against tuberculosis was made on the day of discharge, then the day after it). After bathing is necessary to remove excess water from belly button – it's best to do with sticks.

  3. The child is not acting up, try to bathe him every day at the same time. Children quickly get used to the fact that at a certain time you have to swim, and not so sensitive to the procedure.

  4. Don't forget to measure the water temperature in the bath before bathing. All treatments for newborns should be in a warm room, the temperature of the air which does not go below 24-26 degrees. The recommended water temperature for swimming pools varies between 36-39 degrees.

  5. For swimming you will need a soft towel and baby washcloth, Terry cloth. To shampoo, flowing down from the head, did not hit a child in the eyes and ears, you can use a special visor.

  6. If the child is afraid to swim or fussy, try offering him a variety of toys for bathing. Then the child will not get bored sitting in the tub, and will perceive bathing as a kind of game.

  7. For a child developed Allergy, use during bathing only special baby soap. To three months the children should not be bathed with shampoos, foam baths or perfumes. After the child is redeemed, it should be cleaned. The process of wiping should be careful, because baby's skin is very vulnerable. At the same time dry the skin thoroughly, since increased humidity often causes the development of skin diseases. The umbilical wound after bathing should be treated with hydrogen peroxide.

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