Babies don't need pillows

Don't need the child to put the pillow until until the neck and spinal division, otherwise in the future, you may not be able to avoid problems with the spine. Curvature of the spine can easily be a consequence of improper care of the child. In the period from birth to two years the child is the formation of bends. Correct it will be or not depends on parents.

The longer you are going to give the child a pillow, the better. Podiatrists suggest not to put the baby pillow to at least two years, and then, if the child has a sleep, it is best to buy a special orthopedic pillow or cushion. In an extreme case, it is possible to make it so that the mattress was a little tilted to the baby's head was slightly above the level of the body. But if your child just fine without the pillow, you don't need obsessive putting it under his head.
An orthopedic pillow your doctor may prescribe a child almost from birth, as it prevents the danger of the formation of the curvature of the cervical spine.

The tradition to put pillows and soft bedding to babies under a head appeared for a long time. Each young mother probably had to hear a tip from your mom or grandmother how to swaddle a baby. According to them, we had a very tight swaddle baby legs, so they were not warped. However, it is not necessary to listen to everything you say your parents, friends or other close people. The baby was healthy, you need to exclusively follow the advice of experienced doctors. Try to consult a podiatrist, he will tell you what size and what shape need a pillow for the baby.
Healthy is the dream, during which the position of the human body will be smooth. No need to think that it is uncomfortable to lie. If that were so, your child would cry asking for what he needs.

Another danger

Placing a child pillow, you need to think more about the fact that he can simply suffocate, buried her nose. As frightening as this may sound, but this is indeed the case. The kid isn't able to independently rolls over in his sleep, so the pillow can cause suffocation. And in any case it is not necessary to impose a child on all sides of various objects, bumpers or soft toys. Remember that he needs space. When caring for a baby all you need to do carefully correct, and then your baby grows up healthy and happy.