Do not rush to transplant store-bought flower. After transport to a new location, the plant is experiencing severe stress. Place the flower in a pot bought at the permanent place where you plan to grow, water and leave alone for a few days.
For a while, until your plant gets used to a new place, prepare the soil mixture. The most optimal variant – to buy a special primer in a specialty store.
When transplanting store-bought flower just keep in mind the size of the plants. It is not necessary to use a pot of enormous size, even if the flower is planning to grow to five feet. First, transplant it into a pot of medium size. As the flower grows, the potting mix will be depleted and it will somehow have to change. Then transplant the flower again.
For now, suffice it to lay on the bottom of the pot is medium in size, the drainage, pour the soil mixture, not reaching the edges on 1/3. Before transplanting flower moisten and make the transplant method of handling, seizing the roots with a lump of earth.
Gently tamp the soil, pour, put a flower transplanted again into position. Care of house plants lies in the systematic watering and hoeing. Depending on the varieties to water the plants just 1-2 times a week in winter and three times a week in the summer. Some plants require systematic spraying.