Blood quite capable, starting from the second trimester of pregnancy indicate low level of protein in a woman's body. After this period of fetal development the child is gaining weight, the internal organs of the expectant mother begins to operate in emergency mode and without "building" materials, which supplies protein, in such a situation is not enough.
In the normal position, a person need to eat per day to maintain a normal level of protein in the blood to 40-45 g of protein. A pregnant woman needs 70 g of protein a day. To the level of protein was normalized to a woman need to eat 3-4 servings of protein foods every day. For example, the daily ration of protein in a total of 70 grams can be done using the morning two glasses of milk, eating a piece of chicken breast and the evening two cups of yogurt or kefir.
Try to fill the protein level in the blood with the help of animal products, as they contain the necessary amino acids for the normal physical condition of a pregnant woman. These products include all types of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products.
If you practice vegetarian food or do not like meat products, for whatever reason, enter into the diet bean dishes and nuts: chickpeas, beans, legumes, soy, tofu, lentils, peanut butter. But keep in mind that vegetable protein does not contain a number of necessary pregnant of amino acids that exist in proteins of animal origin. Therefore the most rational option is to use the menu protein foods of different origin.
The deficit of protein in the body through fish, exclude from the diet during pregnancy some predatory species such as swordfish, shark meat, mackerel, kapelnik. These types of fish can contain and accumulate the mercury which in large quantities affects the body growing in the womb of the child.