The optimal variant of the test for plagiarism is the writing work yourself. It is clear that not all the proposals in the work can be unique quotes, for example, it is not necessary to paraphrase in their own way, their use in the texts of works are permitted. But due to the overall unique structure of the text and its logic, the program will show that the work is not plagiarized and it will be adopted in the case, if it is issued by the teacher task.
A very efficient way to make a text unique - rewriting. The method of rewriting found in the web article in your own words. Preferably in the course of rewriting to rearrange the paragraphs so that the logical thread of the text from this not lost the meaning of work has not changed.
Expand found on the web material by adding details and some important derogations. This study text can help to make the material unique without adding ballast sentences ("water"). It is important that the added information was important and necessary in the subject text. After all, the task to pass a test on plagiarism for the student minor. Much more important is the ability to work with multiple sources and processing information.
To pass the plagiarism, not necessarily write from scratch. Suitable processing of the information is selectively taken from reliable source and "translated" to a simple language. This method is good for writing works on the exact Sciences. Don't have to rework the formulas and rules. But will need my own words, but academic language, describe the evidence and theory.