In the Internet there are many programs and services, allowing you to check the text for plagiarism. If you do not want to install on your computer any software you can use to check online services from normal web interface.
Today one of the most reliable and popular online services checking the text are and Copyscape. And allows you to analyse how texts are already available online, and directly from your computer. To work with this service visit
If you want to test has not yet published the text, copy it from the text editor to the clipboard, and then paste in the Text for analysis. Then click the "Search copy" and wait. If the text is unique, lights up the green on this, if this is plagiarism, a red message will appear.
When working with the service Copyscape you will be able to check texts already available online. To do this, copy the web address check the text and paste it into the “Search for copies of your page on the web”. Then click “Go”. After a few seconds you will receive the result of the analysis with information about how unique your text.
Online services check for plagiarism is very convenient and effective, but if you constantly work with text, intended for placing on the Internet, you it is better to use more powerful special programs. The most common and reliable of them today are AdvegoPlagiatus, developed by the specialists of the text of the exchange Advego and EtXt Antiplagiat from the exchange EtXt. Both programs are free and available for download to any user.
Download "Advego plagiarism" at The installation file is only of 1.79 MB. You will need to install this program on your computer and customize in accordance with your requirements. Etxt "anti-Plagiarism" available for download at this page you will find a detailed description of the installation procedure of the program and work with it. The great advantage of Etxt "Plagiarism" is that it allows you to configure different depth inspection and therefore provides a more accurate analysis of text uniqueness.