What is plagiarism?

Today there are so many software tools, and a variety of websites that are helping to check the text for its uniqueness. What is the uniqueness in this case? Under the uniqueness it is necessary to understand a text that has been typed by hand and made in-house. The uniqueness or the originality of the text may suffer in a few cases. For example, if the text will be too many quotes or it will be 50 percent consist of formulaic phrases, the text recognizes plagiarism.

Summarizing the above, we can state that plagiarism is: using quotes from some of the electronic textbook, the use of the work, posted online by another author, using some current articles in the media, quote from the legislation, the Constitution or just quoting publicly available information - all 100% admit to plagiarism.

Is it possible to avoid plagiarism and how to do it?

How can you solve an urgent problem? Of course, the most obvious and sometimes the easiest way is the self preparation of the text. In this case, the person will not have to go to any lengths, but in this case, it will be spent a lot more time. If you write high quality, original text is not desirable, then you can replace some of the Russian letters in the text in English. This will help only in the case if, for example, the same teacher will check the text already in paper form. In principle, the essence of the text never changes, he never changes in appearance, but the words themselves change, and Antiplagiat can hardly notice it. It should be noted that in the case that a person will open the same file, for example, in Microsoft Office Word, all words, which were replaced by the letters immediately opened and will be marked as errors.

In Microsoft Office Word, the user can use the AutoCorrect feature words to the synonyms. This can be attributed to the work of the special software tools - sinonimayzer, which lent the text will automatically select the synonyms. Replace words of the original text of the synonyms is not the best way to get around plagiarism. Modern systems allow to check the text to replace words in a sentence for synonyms, and thus plagiarism will still appear.

The result is that there are only the two most simple and the most original way to avoid plagiarism is to either record their own judgments about a particular question, or do a rewrite, that is, to keep the meaning but change the structure of the text. These methods, first, the most effective, and secondly, the quality of the text when this use did not suffer.