In the summer many Russians rushes to Turkey. No wonder the rest there cheap, but tourists will be accommodated in comfortable hotels, delicious food and attentive hotel staff. However, this country is of interest not only for fans to lie on the beach. Turkey has many attractions and amazing scenery, but the beach season rarely pays attention to it. The end of December and beginning of January is the perfect time to combine the celebration of New Year tours around the country. As hotel prices here are even lower than in the summer.
New Year in Europe – a wonderful and colorful celebration, but not everyone can afford a trip to Paris or London. You can also have fun in the Czech Republic or Poland. Ancient architecture, streets, cobblestone, performances of street musicians, fairs and Christmas shows sure to please your taste. Plane tickets should be bought in advance – so you can save a substantial amount. It is also worth ahead of time to worry about booking hotel – new year's holiday in these countries demand. In Poland and in the Czech Republic you can go skiing or snowboarding. If you like these winter sports, it makes sense to spend a few days in the capital, and then to go to the mountains.
Inexpensive want to relax in an exotic country, go to Thailand. The only major expense which you have to face is the purchase of tickets. If you like to plan a vacation in advance, buy your tickets a year before the holiday, the price may be less than two, and even three times. However, keep in mind that to pass them you can not. But, on arriving at the place, at your disposal are cheap, fresh and delicious food that is worth a penny, the sun and the warm sea where you can swim even in new year's eve.