Advice 1: How to set a reminder on your computer screen

Function "Alarm", available to all Windows 7 users, sometimes it is very useful. It looks like this: at a specified time on a computer monitor appears a phrase that you yourself have created, and reminds you about something important. This could be an important call, some of the daily obligatory action. And maybe you need to remind yourself of the need to concentrate and do exercises.

There is also the possibility to set reminders about important events that will happen soon. For example, it is important not to forget to wish each other happy birthday.
How to set a reminder on your computer screen
To create a reminder by using the tools available in Windows 7, it's easy.

1.Open "task Scheduler". You can find it through the "start"button:
- in the menu click start select All programs;
- then the tab "Standard";
- in the default programs select the tab "Service";
among the utilities you will see "task Scheduler".

2. In the opened window select the tab "create basic task" in the actions list (right part of the window). Give the task a name, such as "reminder 1". Click "Next".
3. Set the frequency of reminders, for example, one day. Click "Next".
4. Set the time the prompt appears on the computer screen, click "Next".
5.Choose action to display a message, click "Next".
6. Under "message" write the message text that you want to see on the screen. Click "Next" and "finish".
8. A reminder is created. Now that phrase will appear in a special window on the monitor of your computer at the specified time.

If this reminder has ceased to be relevant, you can delete it. To do this, in the left part of the window "Scheduler" select "task scheduler library". In the middle of the program window will open the entire list of scheduled tasks. Find your task, click on it, right-click and choose delete.

You can configure the reminder to appear on the screen every hour or other period of time. For this you need to select in the task list in the left part of the window the tab "create task" instead of "create basic task" and complete all the configuration steps similar to that described above.

Advice 2 : How to put a reminder on your computer

Reminder is a handy way to plan your day using the electronic version of the organizer which allows you to not forget about any important event. A lot of options now offering Internet in this area, you need only to choose the most suitable.
How to put a reminder on your computer
You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • browser.
Run Miscrosoft Outlook to create a reminder for the event. This program is included in the Microsoft Office Suite and most likely already installed on your computer. In the "control Panel" program (left), select the tab "Calendar". Select the date for which you want to schedule the event and set a reminder about it. Click once on it with the mouse. In the right part of the screen displays the timeline, select the desired time for your event, double-click on it.
Create a new meeting, to do reminder about it. Enter the subject of the meeting, if necessary, and place the label. Next, enter the start time of the event, check the box next to the field "all day" if this event would take all day. Then set reminders about the meeting – how long before the event, the program will notify you (from 15 minutes to two weeks). Select the sound file from the computer to the reminder was accompanied by a sound. If this meeting is repeated, for example, every week, then click Repeat and set the repeat interval. To create an appointment and keep it, click "Save and close".
Download and install to your computer the program is the reminder, for example, Machy to make a reminder with it, follow the link and download the program. Click "add" to create a reminder. Select "Recall something", then select the sound file from your computer to accompany the alert, tick the box "Show reminiscent of their event, type the reminder text. Next, set the date and time of the event and reminders. In addition, the program can remind you about the birthday. To do this in the left box, select the appropriate option, then enter the person's name, add a reminder message and set the date when you need to remind you about the birthday. This program should add to the startup to enable it to do a reminder. To do this, click "Settings" and select "Start the program with Windows.
Create a reminder in the online service, if you do not work constantly on the same computer. To set a reminder on the Internet, visit the website of such a service, for example, the portal supports reminders. Please sign in if you do not have a mailbox on Yandex. Go to the calendar to create a reminder for the event. Click "create event" and fill in the fields. Enter the event name, its description, place and time. Specify the time in which you need to be alert about it. Go to calendar settings and select the type of alerts: email or SMS.
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