To create a reminder by using the tools available in Windows 7, it's easy.

1.Open "task Scheduler". You can find it through the "start"button:
- in the menu click start select All programs;
- then the tab "Standard";
- in the default programs select the tab "Service";
among the utilities you will see "task Scheduler".

2. In the opened window select the tab "create basic task" in the actions list (right part of the window). Give the task a name, such as "reminder 1". Click "Next".
3. Set the frequency of reminders, for example, one day. Click "Next".
4. Set the time the prompt appears on the computer screen, click "Next".
5.Choose action to display a message, click "Next".
6. Under "message" write the message text that you want to see on the screen. Click "Next" and "finish".
8. A reminder is created. Now that phrase will appear in a special window on the monitor of your computer at the specified time.

If this reminder has ceased to be relevant, you can delete it. To do this, in the left part of the window "Scheduler" select "task scheduler library". In the middle of the program window will open the entire list of scheduled tasks. Find your task, click on it, right-click and choose delete.

You can configure the reminder to appear on the screen every hour or other period of time. For this you need to select in the task list in the left part of the window the tab "create task" instead of "create basic task" and complete all the configuration steps similar to that described above.