The first thing to do is to understand that the manufacturer of such equipment does not play a role. One can cite many examples where a particular model is a little-known business will exceed the monitor famous company in all characteristics.
Next you need to determine the diagonal of the monitor. It is not necessary to chase the big screens. To ensure the quality of the image when the game process is ideal monitors, the diagonal of which is 19 or 21 inch.
Immediately discard widescreen monitors. The fact that the majority of games released prior to 2008, calculated on the monitors of the old type. Ie the aspect ratio should be 16:9 as wide screen and 4:3. Otherwise, you run the risk of having two black stripes on both sides of the monitor.
Pay special attention to the delay of the appearance of the image. For most LCD displays, this parameter is set to five milliseconds. But there are monitors with latency of 2, 1 or even 0.1 milliseconds. This parameter is very important in games with fast frame rates, especially when it comes to online shooters.
Find out the maximum refresh rate of the screen. Modern monitors must support the frequency to 90 Hz. But do not chase the highest resolution screen of 1920x1080 (Full HD). Is enough to HD quality with a resolution of 1280?720.
Note the dynamic contrast of the image. In this respect, the leaders are LED monitors, capable of delivering up to a million colors per pixel.
And the last thing you need to consider when choosing a monitor for gaming, is the ability to connect a digital signal via DVI or HDMI. This is especially true for monitors with high resolution pictures.
How to choose a monitor for gaming