Download the latest version of Steam from the official website. This client allows you to purchase games and to replenish the Bank account. Run the downloaded file and install the program by following the instructions on the screen. Run the program using the shortcut on your desktop and enter your Steam ID and password. If the account on the game server is not created, click "Register" and complete the required fields to open an account.
If all the data was entered correctly, the program window displays the sections of the store. Select any game. You can also use the search by service box which is located in the upper right corner. Enter a suitable name and press Enter.
Once the game is selected, click the "add to cart" to "Purchase for myself". In the window that appears, specify the payment method that is most convenient for you. So, if you select Visa or Master Card, you will need to enter the card number, your name, card expiry date and security code. If all data is correct you will be redirected to the page of your Bank or will receive notification about successful payment.
If you select payment via electronic purses, agree to the terms of service tick box next to "I accept the terms in the user Agreement of the website". Confirm your location. Depending on the selected payment system, you will be redirected to another resource to confirm payment.
After making the payment, select "Install the game" and wait for the download need files. Once the game has loaded, you will see a notification on Steam. After the procedure you can run the game by selecting it in the list that appears on the screen.