You can get in on the action, or the drawing, which are regularly held by the partners of Valve, or Internet gaming stores. On the Internet there are several resources offered for participation in a survey, lottery or game to get a gift key from the game in the store Steam.
For example, among all services, it is possible to mention the online Play Blink. It is a gaming site where you can play various mini-applications in order to receive reward in the form of a Steam key to. Having achieved certain results in such service, you have all chances to win. To participate, you must complete the registration procedure available at the click of a button Create a free account.
In fact, Steam also are some games that are distributed free of charge and is available at "Download" page of the service. You can access them from the category "Free", or by typing the appropriate name in the search. Among the most popular games in the store can be noted TrackMania Nations Forever, Combat Arms, Dragon Nest, America's Army 3, Alien Swarm, Micro Volts.
Some games distributed free mods that are available for download through Steam. For example, to purchased Half-Life 2 you can put the addon Half-Life 2 Buka Localization, which activates an official translation from the Russian localizer Buka. Or for the game Red Orchestra: Ostfront you can free download the expansions Mare Nostrum or Darkest Hour.
Very often the service Steam offers shares to purchase games. For example, you can purchase one game, which action takes place, and the second to get a gift. So, buying Counter Strike Pack you can get for free first version of the game CS 1.6. For information about shares daily visit the appropriate section of the service Steam.